Chances of you having a capable shooter in your pocket is much higher than say, five years ago. Mobile photography has progressed so rapidly that photos and videos are taken and shared fanatically all the time, especially in the era where social media has such a dominant present in modern people’s life.

From the most trivial and mundane matter to the most breath-taking moments of an adventure, every fraction of one’s life journey can act as a catalyst when it comes to online interaction.

But when it comes to the actual content of social media posts, few have put aesthetic into consideration. We can all agree on the fact that a stabilized photo is always better than a blurred one, much like we appreciate horizontal footage more than a vertical one. In most cases, a reliable tripod is all you need to take your photography to the next level. You’d have more control over the composition of your image, access to angles you can never achieve with your bare hands, and most importantly, a stable ground on all terrains.

That’s where our iKross Flexible Tripod comes into play. Thanks to its super grippy TPU wrapped legs, the tripod will stay put in even the toughest environment. Its rubber padded grips also firmly clamps your device, allowing free movement without any wobble. A 1/4” standard screw is included for wide compatibility. Our tripod selection guarantees to make it one step closer for you to become the ultimate photographer.

With that being said, let’s sit back, relax and take a look at some inspirations we stumble across the social media. All photos taken with tripod of course.

(Source from theblondesalad )

(Source from Expert Vagabond)

(Source from Expert Vagabond)

(Source from Instagram @nerdwithbraces )

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